Communities Resist Argues On Behalf Of 157 Lorimer Avenue At Appellate Term, Second Department Today




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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Communities Resist Argues On Behalf Of 157 Lorimer Avenue At Appellate Term, Second Department Today

WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN –  February 16, 2022. Today, Communities Resist will argue appeals before the Appellate Term, Second Department, on behalf of the tenants of 157 Lorimer Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. In 2017 and 2018, the building’s landlord commenced “owner’s use” eviction proceedings against three households on the basis that he intended to convert the six-unit, rent stabilized building into a two-family home for his children. The proceedings were dismissed after the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 modified the law surrounding owner’s use evictions and limited landlords to the recovery of only one apartment for that reason. The landlord has now appealed from the Housing Court decision below, arguing that legislative amendments to the Rent Stabilization Law included in the HSTPA were unconstitutional violations of his due process rights. The tenants will argue that the relevant provisions of the HSTPA were constitutionally sound and justified by its rational purpose to address the ongoing housing affordability crisis by keeping as many apartments in the rent stabilization system as possible.

Adam Meyers, Director of Litigation at Communities Resist: Our hope today is that the appellate term rejects the landlord’s argument that these changes in the HSTPA were unconstitutional as in applied in this case, affirms the judgment of the housing court that dismissed these cases, and generally allows the tenants (of 157 Lorimer Avenue) to stay in their homes. 

Juan Pablo Areval, Tenant of 157 Lorimer said “The water is contaminated with lead. There are a lot of mice. They still haven’t come to fumigate. Things are not going well in the apartment. We just want a resolution so we can continue to live here.”

Maribel Lopez, Tenant Organizing at Los Sures said “Everywhere I go, I see the same conditions. We are tired of landlords getting away with all of this. It’s not fair. 

Lina Lee, Executive Director at Communities Resist said It is imperative and urgent that the decision be affirmed, to not only protect our clients, but to protect so many tenants across NYC who will be affected by today’s decision. The successful passage of HSTPA hallmark laws is only effective if the purpose and immediacy to protect rent-stabilized and affordable homes is matched and enforced by the court system that tenants rely on.”

About Communities Resist (CoRe)

Communities Resist (CoRe) works to protect and fight for affordable housing for low-income clients. We organize and empower community members to form tenants’ associations to combat harassment, discrimination and unihabitable and unsafe living conditions. We bring legal actions in New York City, State and Federal courts, advocating for tenants rights while also leading legislative efforts in partnership with community organizations that promote the expansion of resources for affordable housing and try to minimize the loss of currently affordable units. Learn more about Communities Resist at our Facebook page.

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Southside United HDFC-Los Sures works to nurture and sustain a vibrant neighborhood that supports the diverse family life of Williamsburg by advocating for and developing affordable housing, family health and well-being, and equal opportunity for all. Los Sures currently provides a myriad of resources like: affordable housing, tenant organizing, community outreach, a senior residential center, a senior recreation center, a hydroponic farm, a local food pantry, and it serves a liaison between the southside community and some city agencies.

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