374 Wallabout (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

In 2018, the tenants at 374 Wallabout were forced to vacate their homes because of the landlord’s illegal, deliberate, and dangerous construction work. Working closely with our organizing partners at Southside United HDFC (“Los Sures”), we have represented the tenants for years in this struggle over a building in the deeply segregated Broadway Triangle.

In a joint effort with  a local coalition, the North Brooklyn Housing Task Force, Communities Resist and the tenants successfully won our Article 7A litigation at 374 Wallabout. The decision appoints a city-approved administrator to repair the destroyed building and bars the landlord from entering the premises. This victory will allow the tenants to move back home, though it will be a long road, and for the first time live in a safe and habitable building. The power of tenant organizing enables us to employ aggressive advocacy tactics like Article 7A proceedings to take buildings away from terrible landlords as well as initiate rent strikes when tenants’ housing rights are violated.