CM Sandy Nurse Highlights the Conditions at 1328 Gates Ave





BUSHWICK, BROOKLYN – January 25, 2022. Council Member Sandy Nurse (pictured left), our clients of 1328 Gates Avenue, and Communities Resist demanded accountability for the poor conditions of the building which is in need of immediate repairs, pest control, and flood prevention. The community took it upon themselves to do management’s job and cleaned out the refuse-filled basement.

Kevin Worthington (pictured right), Staff Attorney at CoRe spoke about the all too common story of harassment and neglect in rapidly gentrifying areas of Brooklyn and how this building has been forgotten.

Tenant leaders demanded to know the plan for renovation at the building. The current renovation plan had not been discussed with the tenants in years and would displace most tenants. The action received press coverage which led to the tenants finally having a meeting to discuss the building’s renovation plans.