Communities Resist Supports Intro 195 Legislation Against Warehousing





Communities Resist is thrilled to share some exciting updates regarding our recent advocacy efforts against warehousing and our ongoing collaboration with community partners.

**Standing Up Against Warehousing: A Rally for Change**
On Tuesday, June 6, Communities Resist joined forces with elected officials, community-based organizations, and NYC tenants in a powerful rally against warehousing. The event served as a unified platform to voice our concerns and demand action against the harms caused by this practice in the communities we serve.

**Building Legislative Solutions: Collaborating with End Apartment Warehousing Coalition**
Communities Resist has been actively working alongside our community partners, Los Sures and Saint Nicks, as part of the End Apartment Warehousing Coalition. In 2019, this coalition reached out to us with a request to design and draft City level legislation to combat the negative impacts of warehousing. We are proud to inform you that our collective efforts have resulted in the creation of legislation that addresses the urgent needs of our clients.

**Introducing Intro 195: Enhancing Tenant Safety**
We are excited to present Intro 195, the legislation drafted by Communities Resist’s Supervising Attorney, Sam Chiera, in collaboration with the Stand for the Tenant Safety/End Apartment Warehousing coalition (STS/EAW).

This legislation aims to improve tenant safety in buildings with warehoused apartments. Some key provisions of Intro 195 include:

1. Maintaining Unoccupied Units: Landlords will be required to keep all unoccupied dwelling units in good repair, ensuring the overall safety and well-being of the tenants.

2. Reporting Vacant Apartment Issues: Tenants will have the authority to call 311 and report any issues or concerns related to vacant apartments within their buildings.

3. Thorough Inspections: A 12-point inspection process will be implemented for problem vacant apartments to ensure that these units are adequately secured against potential dangers to neighboring residents.

This legislation is a significant step forward in our ongoing fight against warehousing and its adverse effects on our communities. By enacting these measures, we strive to create safer and healthier living conditions for all residents.

The fight continues, but together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by warehousing.