Statement on Roe v Wade




Press Release

Communities Resist stands in solidarity with our pro-choice advocates, activists, and organizers who are outraged by today’s Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. The Supreme Court’s rejection of precedent and Justice Thomas’s desire to undo substantive due process is an immediate threat to womens’ rights to bodily autonomy, medical privacy, self-determination.  

Today’s decision will not end abortions, instead it will make getting an abortion more dangerous for women in marginalized communities, especially those who are low-income and of color. The toll on women in these communities will not only be counted by their lives but also by their economic security, their housing security, and their futures. Today’s decision is a tragedy. But it hardens our resolve and begins a new chapter in our common struggle to enshrine unenumerated rights like access to abortion into the fabric of our country. We will win the fight for all human rights.